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We offer highly competitive prices, offering a choice weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly cleaning services. We use a pure water fed ladderless pole system which allows us to quickly and effectively clean your windows while providing discretion and privacy with the minimum disturbance possible. The water treatment system we use consists of a 5 stage reverse osmosis unit and a mixed bed de-mineralising resin to produce 100% pure, laboratory grade water. The nature of de-mineralised water strives to return to its natural state by actively absorbing all dirt, chemical and minerals it comes across.

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Just a few of the many reasons to choose us for your window cleaning needs.


We will always get the job done exactly how we say we are going to do it.


We understand our customers have a busy life so we make sure we are never late.


We don't charge you any more than we have to, we treat our customers like we treat our friends and family.


We treat your house with the respect you expect from professionals.


We never leave a mess behind, we leave the place looking great like we was never there!


Our team will treat you with a smile and a friendly attitude before, during and after doing the job.